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When Work Works Are Flexible Schedules The Key

When Work Works: Are Flexible Schedules The Key?

by Kurtis Blackburn

Recently we were honored to receive a “When work works” award from whenworkworks.org. We are lucky enough to be among some of the leading companies in America today, capable of helping employees enjoy their time at work, and...

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Why HR Can’t Live Without a Talent Pool (and Tricks for How to Build One)

Why HR Can’t Live Without a Talent Pool (and Tricks for How to Build One)

by Angie Rupp

If you are even remotely involved in the recruiting process, chances are you long for an active and solid talent pool, and for good reason. Most managers and high ranking officials in a company assume that recruiting and hiring...

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Employee Referrals are make great hires for your company

What is an Employee Referral Program?

by Callie Hansen

There’s no denying that having strong connections will help you get a good job, but can strong connections help you hire smarter? Of course; which is why employee referrals are so important! If you aren’t finding quality applicants, the solution may...

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Workplace flexibility – Attracting (and winning) talent

Workplace flexibility – Attracting (and winning) talent

by Taryn Barnes

Here at ApplicantPro, our drive is to help clients make smarter and holistic decisions when it comes to leading the people within their organization. If you’re like us, you know that the talent landscape is experiencing an evolution at an...

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Is Your Hiring Process Accidentally Discriminatory

Is Your Hiring Process Accidentally Discriminatory?

by Angie Rupp

Diversity is a tricky subject. And, one that likely makes you as an HR professional uncomfortable (even if it that discomfort resides beneath the surface) because there are some pretty profound risks associated with getting it wrong (and some...

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