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Background Checks How Compliant is Your Compliance

Background Checks: How Compliant is Your Compliance?

by Angie Rupp

As an employee, you comprise a piece of one of the biggest financial investments your organization has made to aid its growth. Take a moment to sit with that idea and let it truly sink in. Think about how much...

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EEOC and Background Checks Go Hand in Hand

EEOC and Background Checks Go Hand in Hand

by Kyle McKinney

Making the proper hiring decision can be a heavy task, especially when using background checks to assist in the hiring process. You’ve weeded through the potential candidates, made your selection and spent the money on vetting your potential...

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Ban the Box Legislation How Does it Affect Your Hiring Process

Ban the Box Legislation: How Does it Affect Your Hiring Process?

by Daniel Wetsel

Chances are you’ve heard the term Ban the Box. Perhaps your organization hires employees in one of the many regulated jurisdictions throughout the United States, and you’re a well-seasoned veteran of the regulations. Maybe you’re unfamiliar with the...

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Background Checks and the FCRA What Employers Need to Know

Background Checks and the FCRA: What Employers Need to Know

by Daniel Wetsel

Originally enacted in 1970, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law that regulates the collection, dissemination and use of consumer information. While the name of the law may infer that regulations apply only to the procurement and...

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Are Background Checks Hurting You

Are Background Checks Hurting You?

by Ryan Kohler

As HR professionals, you wear many hats and your role is constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of your organization. Piggybacking this responsibility is the expectation that you maintain balanced levels of professionalism and equal opportunity. I’d like to...

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