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hiring manager conducting job interview with applicant

By: Taryn Barnes

4 Qualities to Look for in an Applicant

Learn about 4 important qualities to look for in an applicant during the hiring process so you can hire the perfect candidate for your company.

By: Kyle McKinney

EEOC and Background Checks Go Hand in Hand

Understanding EEOC guidelines before running background checks is very important. We take an in-depth look at why and how it affects your hiring process.

By: Sara Jones

3 Secrets to Hiring for Diversity

Here we lay out three secrets to hiring more diversity (particularly women) in the workplace including asking for the right things in your job ad. Read more

By: Ryan Kohler

Hotel Hiring: The Value of the Right Employee

3 ways to help hotels to attract more applicants and streamline their hiring process.

By: Ryan Kohler

Too Many Applicants (There’s No Such Thing)

A break-down of why having too many applicants is not a bad thing, but a really great thing and how it will positively effect your hiring process.

By: Ryan Kohler

Using Analytics to Measure Hiring Success

Learn how using analytics on your website can help you measure your hiring success.

By: Ryan Kohler

What Are Other HR Professionals Looking For In Hiring Software?

Find out what other companies are looking for in hiring software and how an applicant tracking system can help streamline your hiring process.

By: Ryan Kohler

ApplicantPro is more than an SaaS – It’s an HR Solution

Learn about how ApplicantPro is much more than a SaaS: It's an HR solution for your hiring process.

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