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Have you ever struggled with hiring? If you have, it's time to learn more about how Applicant Tracking Systems can help your organization. An Applicant Tracking System is software designed to help make hiring run smoother. WIth this software you can filter through your applicants in a more timely manner, saving you time and money. With a stack of other benefits, how can you not take the first step to helping your organization reduce turnover, and hire smarter. This database of applicant tracking system articles will help you learn:

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When Work Works Are Flexible Schedules The Key

When Work Works: Are Flexible Schedules The Key?

by Kurtis Blackburn

Recently we were honored to receive a “When work works” award from We are lucky enough to be among some of the leading companies in America today, capable of helping employees enjoy their time at work, and...

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Don’t Have Time to be Strategic HR Here’s Why.

Don’t Have Time to be Strategic HR? Here’s Why.

by Angie Rupp

Being a strategic HR professional is tough. And it’s not just because strategic thinking can be somewhat of an elusive term, but so often we’re buried in a never-ending list of trivial tasks which inhibit our ability to dig...

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How to Find Effective Employees in the Healthcare Industry

How to Find Effective Employees in the Healthcare Industry

by Caleb Larkin

The key to finding the perfect candidate is all about balancing needs and wants. In the healthcare industry it is particularly important as companies set high requirements, but experience high turnover rates among applicants. To find qualified employees for entry...

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What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

by Callie Hansen

Before the applicant tracking system (ATS) came to fruition, job searching was done primarily through word of mouth, newspaper ads, and help wanted signs in windows. Getting these jobs depended on connections, a resume or paper application you could...

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