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Time to Build Up Your Hiring Momentum

I've been noticing a sense of positivity lately among our clients and business professionals who have high hopes of the economy opening back up in the near future.

Or, should I say, at least the world appears this way...

But while we were all masked up, and hunkering down, the economy we once knew was changing. And the truth is, it's going to be a changed economy even when it opens back up.

As a hiring professional, you can expect this new job market to include:

  1. Fewer free applicants -- we're seeing jobs are getting about 40-50% fewer applicant's for "free".
  2. More competitive employers.
  3. Changes in job seeker's desires -- While some companies may not have adapted to flexible work from home schedules, job seekers have!

Are you prepared for what's to come?

In today's video, I'm going to share with you 4 ways you can start preparing now to ensure you don't get caught flat-footed when the economy and job market open back up. Check it out!

Job Ad Review Checklist

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Did you know that less than 1% of potential job seekers who search for a job in your area actually end up in your inbox? That means there is so much potential gain from the 99% of applicants inside of your funnel that just aren't applying!

Here are 4 hiring tips you can do to proactively prepare for what's to come:

  • 1. Write Better Job Ads

    Your goal is to highlight the things that are going to compel job seekers to apply who are already in your funnel, and attract additional job seekers by using better keywords!

    It's really that simple... Writing a better job ad has been proven to increase qualified applicant flow by 50-300%!

  • 2. Reduce the Friction to Apply

    Make applying for your jobs easy. There's no need to ask for all of their information upfront, when you can ask for additional information further into the hiring process. Ask yourself what things you absolutely need to know before getting them into your screening process! This may include a handful of job questions and not 10 years of employment history or references.

  • 3. Better Flare!

    Flare in job board terms means employee reviews, and job board tags for being responsive, active, recommended by others, etc. This flare is useful in attracting additional job seekers to your positions and encouraging them to apply.

  • 4. Not currently ready to hire? Be Proactive!

    Build up your hiring momentum!

    This one comes from a really cool quote from Amelia Earhart, "Always think with your stick forward."

    If you need to solve a problem, the most important thing you can do is start getting some speed. Most airplane crashes happen because they lose their speed or momentum.

    The most important thing you can do as the economy and job market are preparing to open back up is to proactively focus on the sourcing and screening of qualified applicants even though you may not be quite ready to hire.

    When your company is ready to grow and it's time to start hiring again, you don't want to be left with no applicants in your funnel and starting from square one.

    Start preparing now!

You can utilize our FREE Job Ad Review Checklist to ensure your job ads are set up to maximize the number of qualified job seekers that will apply for your jobs!

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