slingshot and rocks like David and Goliath HR superpower

Being Small Might Be Your HR Superpower

Today I want to talk a little bit about David and Goliath.

In case you're not familiar with the story, I'll give you a quick recap.

There is a lot more background to the story but basically, it all comes down to one battle. That battle was between Goliath who was the biggest strongest giant in the land, and David who was the youngest in his family.

This fight was horribly uneven. Goliath was quite literally a giant and a decorated warrior, while David was just a young shepherd who had grown accustomed to fighting off lions to protect the herd.

When it came time for the battle, the giant Goliath walked out heavily adorned in armor with a servant carrying his weapons for him, while David stood alone in just his regular attire. From an outside perspective, this fight seemed like shoo-in for Goliath, but David was wise enough to know better.

David took his armorless body, and small stature and figured out a way to use it to his advantage. David realized that between the armor, and Goliaths already large body he was incredibly restricted in his movements. David snatched the opportunity to work fast and quickly hurled a stone at Goliaths unprotected face knocking him to the ground before he even had time to react, let alone retrieve his weapon from his servant.

David won the match and proved that size isn't everything when it comes to battle.

Just like David and Goliath, size isn't everything when it comes to your hiring process.

Check out the video below to learn why being a business or even a small department can be your HR superpower.

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While you may be looking at being small as being at a disadvantage because you don't have the same funding or you don't have the same tools to use or as many people to help the reality is there are blessings to all of these curses.

With a smaller team, and a smaller company, you'll be able to be more agile and make changes to your hiring process quickly and easily without having to go through all the red tape. Learn to use this to your advantage and be constantly testing and improving your job ads to get ahead of your big competitors.

One thing you'll want to be careful of is not copying what your larger more established competitors are doing for their hiring practices. To help start you off on the right foot so you're not tempted to borrow brilliance from those competitors on your own job ad writing journey, download this free tool: How to Write A Killer Job Ad.

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Want to learn how to write better job ads?

Download our "Guide to Writing a Killer Job Ad" now! This guide will walk you step-by-step through the process of writing job ads that get dramatic results.

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