automate phone screening for applicants with Dialogg

Automate Phone Screening Interviews with Dialogg

At ApplicantPro we're always trying to make your hiring process faster, easier, and more efficient. With a streamlined hiring process goal in mind, we've teamed up with, a new automated phone screening solution, for selecting just the right applicants for your company!

See Dialogg's applicant phone screening in action:

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Applicant phone screening interviews save time & resources.

While screening applicants can be time consuming and tedious, applicant screening is still an important part of the hiring process for both you and your applicants.

Applicant phone screening provides complete objectivity to the hiring manager as you cannot see the applicant. Phone screening your applicants also saves on company resources since you don't have to set up a lunch or reserve conference room for the applicant interview.

When to use an applicant phone screening interview?

A quick applicant phone screen is usually the last deciding factor of which applicants will come in for a face-to-face interview with the hiring manager.

Applicant phone screening is especially helpful when distance is a factor between the applicant and the hiring manager. No applicant wants to waste time flying in, or even driving from far away for an in-person job interview only to discover the job not a good fit for them.

Applicant phone screening is easy with Dialogg.

With Dialogg, ApplicantPro's new automated phone screening solution, you get all the benefits of the applicant phone screen interview, without it taking up all of your time.

Dialogg makes it easy to:

  • Send applicant phone screening interview at your convenience.
  • Set the applicant phone screening interview up as an automatic part of the hiring process.
  • Allow the candidate to take phone screening interview when they have time, eliminating the stressful scheduling headache for you both!

Easily share applicant screening interviews with hiring team.

With it's easy sharing features, Dialogg also provides the perfect space for collaboration among hiring managers.

We know Dialogg is a great tool for your hiring process but you don't just have to take our word for it. See what Dialogg customers have been saying about how much it has improved their hiring process:

"Dialogg is a great product that frees up your time during such a crucial, yet time-consuming hiring process. There are many aspects to hiring and Dialogg allows the HR team to get to know your applicants on a more personal level. The automated recordings put a nice personal touch to the online, disconnected process."

"I recommend Dialogg because it allows you to focus on selecting quality candidates that are serious about the position. I learned that if you send the applicant a phone interview and they do not take the time to complete it, then it allows you to select those who are truly interested in the position. This world is a very automated, fast-paced environment so anything that frees up time is a great product. Like they say: time is money."

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