ApplicantPro is more than an SaaS – It’s an HR Solution

ApplicantPro is more than an SaaS – It’s an HR Solution

By now, it’s fairly likely that you’ve heard the term “SaaS” thrown around. Since ApplicantPro is technically considered a SaaS, I’d like to take some time today to really break down what that designation means. After you have a solid understanding of this concept, I’ll demonstrate how ApplicantPro is more than a software service, it’s a full-fledged hiring solution that not only improves your employment process, but helps create more strategic HR Professionals by altering narrow-minded perceptions into an all-encompassing understanding of their overall company vision.

What is a SaaS?

ApplicantPro is more than just an online hiring software service, it’s about transforming the way you view hiring altogether

Even though it’s likely that you’re familiar with the phrase SaaS, it wouldn’t surprise me if you weren’t well-acquainted with what it actually means since it’s a fairly new software model. It stands for “Software as a Service” and it’s a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with a web browser or Internet Connection. In a nutshell, it’s not software that’s sold on a disc, and copied onto your computer, nor is something that you have to download to your machine. It’s a virtual system that is hosted online and requires nothing more than a login and password to access your company’s data. Because this software requires nothing from your computer’s hardware (aka storage space), the overhead is accumulated differently and its fees can be spread out over time (in monthly sums) versus charging a big fee up front to purchase it all at once.

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ApplicantPro Equals Hiring Optimization

ApplicantPro is more than just an online hiring software service, it’s about transforming the way you view hiring altogether. What I mean by that is: we don’t just hand you software and expect your entire hiring process to change on its own. Our Account Managers help coach you in a way that will change your employment outlook forever. We provide you with all the tools you need in order to assimilate an arsenal of hiring knowledge that is optimized for the way job seekers search for jobs today: virtually. We help you with your Career Site, your online application, job board pushing, mobile recruiting, as well as understanding your hiring analytics so that you can make the necessary changes to improve time to fill and decrease turnover (did I mention how this will make you look like a superhero to your boss since you’ll be saving the company two of its most valuable assets – time and money).

But most importantly, ApplicantPro is really about making HR a more valuable asset to the company. We host free online, HRCI approved webinars that help you to understand what your executive team really wants by using the hiring data created by strategic reporting and converting it into key metrics that affect the whole company. We want your voice to be heard because we know that what we have here is more than a solution to your hiring pains, it’s a way to align what HR really wants: hire the right people with what the company really wants: employ the right people.

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