3 Reasons Job Seekers Prefer Sustainable Companies

3 Reasons Job Seekers Prefer Sustainable Companies

What makes a company successful? Why do some businesses succeed while others fail?

Businesses succeed when they have a competitive advantage. The advantage could be superior products, superior technology, access to markets, an economy of scale, or all of the above. But one criterion for competitive success has become increasingly important in the modern business world.

The quality of your workforce depends on the quality of your applicants

The International Association For Businesses and Society concluded a large-scale study on competitive advantage, and identifying a defining factor of successful businesses: a quality workforce. The IAFBS states “The selection and management of a quality workforce has become an increasingly critical factor to organizational success. . . . The ability of firms to succeed in the future in the new economy will be related to how well a firm can capture value from knowledge assets. A firm will be successful in this endeavor if it has a quality workforce to take advantage of and manage such knowledge.”

The quality of your workforce depends on the quality of your applicants. How do you attract the most elite applicants or the absolute cream of the crop?

The new generation of young, vibrant, intelligent employees cares deeply about social and environmental issues like sustainability. 12 different peer-reviewed studies have shown that job seekers are attracted to organizations with sustainable practices.

Why Do Sustainable Practices Attract Quality Job Applicants?

1. Employees Feel Responsible For The Social And Environmental Impact Of Their Employer

Employees are a part of your organization, so they feel responsible for the actions of your company. If your business is behaving in an ethical and responsible manner, your employees can take pride in the positive impact of your policies and products. When you promote and celebrate your reputation for sustainability, you assure prospective employees that they can feel confident in their decision to partner with your company, taking ownership in your success.

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2. Sustainability Shows Your Company Cares

Sustainability indicates the character of your company – it shows that you care about the impact of your actions. Because your company is socially responsible, applicants will expect you to be responsible towards your employees as well. If you are cautious about how you treat your resources and the environment in general, prospective employees will feel safe in the knowledge that your stewardship likely extends to their own well-being.

3. Applicants Seek Like-Minded Employers With Shared Values

Prospective employees want to feel that they belong in your company. They want to identify with your goals and values. Sustainable practices reap dual benefits for your company when it comes to hiring: you will attract idealistic individuals with a strong sense of integrity, and those employees will feel a powerful connection to your business. They will be loyal, likely to stick around for the long haul.

Sustainable practices bring many benefits to your business including attracting customers, accruing tax benefits, and preserving the environment for a healthy and productive future for everyone. The advantage in hiring is just one of many reasons to focus on sustainability.

As you promote sustainability on your website, your careers pages, in your employee testimonials and your recruitment materials, you’ll provide yet another reason for the highest quality applicants to put your business at the top of their list as their preferred employer.

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