Applicant Tracking Software for Small Business

It’s all too easy for the needs of a larger company to overshadow those of a small company; the more employees, the louder the company’s voice. But just because a company is small doesn’t mean that that company’s needs are any less valid. One need that is more problematic for a small company is supporting a sufficient HR department. Outsourcing for applicant tracking software for small business is an affordable alternative, especially for smaller companies.

Benefits that Cater to Smaller Companies

ApplicantPro offers competitive applicant tracking systems for small companies. Some of the benefits of our software solution:

  • Our pricing model is based on the size of the company, making it a better deal for smaller businesses (as opposed to paying the same rate as a much larger company).
  • Our software is easy to use and customized to what you require.
  • ApplicantPro designs a careers website for you that mimics your website branding. We set up and maintain the page so that neither you nor your IT department has deal with it.
  • We provide free support for any upkeep or problems you might have.
  • We don’t require a contract, which means you can back out anytime so that you don’t end up paying for a service you don’t need.
  • The work is all done for you: posting to free and paid job boards, social media posts, email lists, and SEO for your careers page.
  • Our applications are customizable, but you don’t have to create your own from scratch. That can be troublesome for smaller companies that tend to hire fewer candidates.

Finding Hiring Software to Fit Your Company’s Needs

ApplicantPro is designed to be affordable for smaller companies, but our system has more than enough power to support larger companies as well. We are dedicated to providing customizable HR and applicant tracking software that will assist almost any company, no matter the need.

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You will find that our applicant tracking software for small business is both affordable and user-friendly. Our hiring software comes complete with a resume management tracking system that provides invaluable screening tools and reports. Our resume management software allows you to find the job candidates you need. All you have to do is sign up for a free demo and check it out.

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