It is kind of like a road map for your applicants. You can track where each applicant is in the hiring process. From initial application to hire (or not), we help you keep track of it all.

Some people call our system an Applicant Tracking System. We like that because that is one of the things we are best at. ApplicantPro makes it simple to take even a large group of applicants and to track each of them at each point along their hiring path.

Because of the ability to screen your applicants based on your basic requirements (more on that here), you can reject a group right from the start. We thank them for applying and then track in the system why they were denied initially. If they make it into the next group, that is noted, managers can review an applicant as well and make notes that all others can see. This tracking is not only helpful but can be essential for those required to track for affirmative action.