Manual tracking and reporting on your company’s affirmative action plan can be tedious, monotonous and can put you and your organization at risk. Let ApplicantPro take the frustration out of reporting on your affirmative action plan.

Is one of your tasks affirmative action plan reporting for your organization? If so, undoubtedly one of your biggest challenges may be finding a solution that helps you accomplish this task without making it hyper complicated or breaking the bank. Let’s face it, manual tracking and reporting are a pain!

Great news! ApplicantPro hiring software does all of the tracking for you and makes reporting a breeze. You simply customize your employment application and your applicants will self identify their race, gender, veteran status and more at point of application. This data is then stored in a separate area, away from applicant data, but accessible for easy reporting when the need arises. Fair, automated data collection without the manual and tedious process.