Begin collecting online employment applications today with our ApplicantPro Hiring Software. Our two step process makes it easier than ever for your applicants to apply.

Our dedicated account mangers help you to get your paper application online and out of your filing cabinets. With required fields, you will get the information you need every time. Your online employment applications will be collected through ApplicantPro alleviating your inbox and giving you a place to send all of the applicants that want to apply for an open position at your company.

What’s more is that with ApplicantPro hiring software’s two step application process, applying for a job is easy for your applicants and increases the number of completed applications you receive.

But what is ApplicantPro’s two step application process? An applicant begins the application process from the actual job listing by filling out personal information and uploading a resume. After that, they complete the next step of the application including, answering your screening questions, completing EEO info. Each applicant is then sent an automatic and professional email thanking them for applying for the job.

This two step process has increased the number of applicants for many of our customers by not overwhelming the applicants. This is just one of the ways we optimize your hiring process and drive applicants to your jobs. But don’t worry. Our application setup is extremely customizable. If you want to collect a full application from all applicants, or even if you need differnet applications for different jobs, we can accommodate almost any need!